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Here are Our Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Why do I need a dedicated Law Firm Manager for my practice?

As the old adage goes, ``Time is Money``. Not only that, but it also comes in very limited supply. As many who are in business for themselves come to discover, running a business takes a lot more than just selling your goods or services. Much of one's time is lost in unbillable hours, taking care of behind the scenes upkeep that your clients never see and that you don't get paid for. As your law firm grows, this task becomes more and more cumbersome and can even limit your potential. A dedicated law firm management expert, like our team at Attorney's Advocate, takes care of all of that for you so that you can focus much more of your time selling your services and being more profitable or even having more quality time to spend with your family. Some law firms assign a lawyer as a managing partner in a misguided attempt to save resources, which is seldom a good idea. An attorney's time is much too valuable to divert it on an area where they may not be an expert.

What size law practice does a law firm manager benefit the most?

A dedicated law firm manager is beneficial to any size law firm. For attorneys just going out on their own for the first time, our team can provide you with a huge advantage and head start that could take you a few years to achieve on your own. We don't only manage the business aspects of your practice, but we can also advertise on your behalf and generate leads for you right away. For any existing self managed practice, the attorney is well aware of the challenges and added distraction of managing the business on top of their professional work and can appreciate the return on time as well as the additional business that we can generate for them, giving them the freedom and opportunity to steer their practice in the direction that they desire.

How is Attorney's Advocate different from any other Law Firm Manager?

Attorney's Advocate is a full service law firm management company. Unlike hiring an individual manager, who brings themselves to your location and uses your resources to manage your business, you get much more with our service. Attorney's Advocate uses our own team and resources to take care of your firm's needs, and offers services and amenities that a typical Law Firm Manager cannot. In addition to the typical business management that most Law Firm Managers can provide, we also provide a dedicated team, private offices, meeting space and advertising, making us a comprehensive and superior solution.

What does it cost to use your services?

Our compensation is merit based, incentivizing us to make you the most successful you can be. Since we use our own resources and team, covering the majority of business cost that our client attorney would incur, our compensation is based on maintaining an industry standard desirable profit margin for the law firm. We are so confident in our abilities and our client's satisfaction and success that we incur the initial costs and provide the attorney one simple payment to cover most of their needs, which satisfies and controls their total costs. In that way, we are an affordable and desireable option for any size law firm. Existing law firms love us because we increase their potential billable hours, control their cost and increase their client base. Attorneys starting practices for the first time love us because they have limited overhead, virtually no start-up costs and we provide a huge boost to their practice.

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