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As a full service law firm management company, we handle all aspects of your business. Our marketing expertise means that we don’t just give you back time, we also promote your practice and get you clients to maintain your business at the level you desire. All this at no more than you would pay to manage your practice yourself.


Our Services: We Provide and Include

Top Notch Office Space

We provide high quality furnished private office suites and meeting space with parking at our convenient location, right across the courthouse, at 500 West Jefferson Street, in downtown Louisville, KY.

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Legal Support Staff

Our clients have access to a receptionist, secretary, and legal runner to accommodate their needs throughout each day.  We ensure that each of our clients has the individual attention that they need to be successful.

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Client Intake & Scheduling

We use the best modern legal practice management software, to organize all of your potential and existing clients and handle your intakes as well as scheduling any consultations or meetings.  Whether you are in your office or on the road, your access to information will be at your fingertips.  We will provide training on the software so that you know what’s on your agenda from anywhere.

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In House Advertising Service

We know advertising.  We are experts at generating leads on behalf of our clients and we offer this service as well as an included budget, based on your goals, at no added charge because we are fully vested in your success.

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Billing & Book Keeping

This is the heart of any business and a time consuming distraction for many.  We manage this aspect very efficiently while you maintain complete control and transparency.  We will ensure your clients’ payments are up date and at the end of the year, at tax time, we will have ready your necessary files to send to the tax expert that you desire.

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Modern Communication System

Today’s communication is more than just a telephone system.  There are many ways to stay in touch efficiently and effectively and we employ all of them in the best ways.  Along with using a state of the art office phone system with high speed, high reliability internet, we use all types of modern communication systems to ensure you don’t miss a message and that you have access to your team from anywhere you are, including our texting system, digital fax, e-mail and more.

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We are here to cater to your success.

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    Our Services

    we provide and include
    • Top Notch Office Space
    • Modern Communication System
    • Legal Support Staff
    • In House Advertising Service
    • Billing and Book Keeping
    • Client Intake & Scheduling
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